From March till June 2016, Kunsthalle3000 was located in the Alois Drasche Park in the 4th district of Vienna.
An old blackboard and some wooden stools became the host for installations, performances, telling exhibitions, field trips, masked balls, screenings and even fights by:

March 1–8, 12pm
Florence Jung

During the 8-day exhibition a pizza was delivered to Kunsthalle3000 everyday at noon and left behind on one of the wooden stools.

March 10, 5pm
Sophie Lapalu
A Secret Poet – The ultimate Fluxus'artist

A Telling Exhibtion by the French curator Sophie Lapalu about the artist / cabdriver Jeffrey Perkins: For twenty years Perkins worked as a taxi driver in New York. From 1990 to 2000 he recorded his conversations with the passengers, after asking them for permission to do so. In her Telling Exhibition, Lapalu compiled these interviews with songs by Johanna Viprey who used Perkin's material as a source for a new musical interpretation.
Listen here.

March 20, 3pm
Thomas Moor
Speed Art

The Swiss artist Thomas Moor invites you to play SPEED ART: Art enriches daily life and opens up new perspectives. It gives visible form to our feelings, thoughts, fears and wishes. There are many ways to get closer to the diversity of art. With SPEED ART, a playful approach to art clearly lies in the forefront…

April 9, 5pm
Hana Miletiç
Your façades are peeling off like red onions

A reading performance by Hana Miletiç performed by Vid Jeraj. The text is based on a collection of photographs that Hana Miletiç has made over the years of amateur graffiti on the city walls in Zagreb. By isolating these ‘writings on the wall’ from their usual environment Miletić is able to amplify the poetic wordplays and aphorisms that are hidden behind the messages.

April 24, 5pm
Albert Allgaier
Cinema Shiro

Albert Allgaier presented Cinema Shiro, an international filmfestival dedicated to a single movie: a monument to a virtually unknown director which enfolds in the ephemeral setting of the movie screening frame by frame. Truly expanded cinema, one might say.

May 15
Eric Hattan
Kunsthalle3000 – ein Wort.

A stite-specific installation by the Swiss artist Eric Hattan: After repainting the black board a puzzle is posed to the random spectators at an undisclosed date.

May 28, 7am
Antoine Turillon
Nach Sonnenaufgang

A site-specific production by Antoine Turillon: In the early morning of May 28 a photograph was taken from a photogenic happening in the Kunsthalle3000. Many thanks to Georg Petermichl for the support.

June 6, 6pm
Adrien Tirtiaux
Wiener Architekturball

Dress up as your most favorite viennese building and join in for the 1. Viennese Architectureball.

June 17, 4pm
Anna Witt
Kunsthalle3000 Exkursion

Starting at Kunsthalle3000 in the bourgeois Alois-Drasche Park, Anna Witt took us on a field trip to the so-called K-Park (Klieberpark), a social hot-spot only 200 meters away. There, she introduced us into the history, the graffitis and even into the botany of K-Park. And finally we almost learned how to catch pigeons …

June 27, 8pm
Marcel Meury
Kunsthalle3000 vs. Kunsthalle Tropical

For the final event in Vienna, Kunsthalle3000 was challenged by Kunsthalle Tropical from Iceland to a box fight. After months of training and preparation the 2 were ready to enter the ring.