On January 19, 2019, 2-6pm, Kunsthalle3000 took place around the old Jetée-Promenade Casino to reopen this former place of gamble, chance and hazard as a Casino3000.
In 1883, a casino directly inspired by London’s Crystal Palace was inaugurated in front of the Promenade d'Anglais in Nice. Situated in the centre of the Baie des Anges, a pier advancing into the sea provides exceptional views and entertainment for nearly 50 years. During the Second World War, the casino was stripped of its metals to serve the German war effort. Today, almost no trace of the presence of this glory of yesteryear exists.
An invitation by Thank You For Coming.

Justin Sanchez

A classy casino needs a classy cocktailbar with a classy barkeeper: Justin Sanchez took care of this and created a special cocktail mixed directly on his vendor's tray.

Pierre Akrich
Don/Echange: Jackpote au Casino3000

1. Engage street musicians for the inauguration of the Casino3000 on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice from 14h to 16h on 19/01/2019.
2. The musican agree on the following bet: They receive for their 2 hour performance a fee of 60€ - but have to give all of their incomes to Pierre Akrich.
3. Result of the musicians: 23.80€

Karima El Karmoudi
Rencontres fortuite

As an intimate dialogue between artist and audience, Karima El Karmoudi presented the wittness report of a woman about her personal experiences at the Casino de la Jetée: I saw men crying and playing at the casino for 24 hours. / It's dirty money, you have to put a bag of sugar or flour in your room. / I saw a celebrity playing alone on slot machines on December 31. / I really wanted to spend my money that night, but I ended up getting out of there without understanding the rules of the game.

Claire Migraine
Moving Listining Point

As a mixture between dog-sitters and a shady person selling watches out of his trenchcoat, Claire Migraine offered ten sound leashes coming out of her jacket. Each with a spoken piece dedicated to economy, finance and chance. Passersby could listen to the soundtracks by getting attached to this Moving Listining Point. With contributions by Céline Ahond, Eva Barto & Estelle Nabeyrat, Thomas Geiger, Isabelle Henrion, Sophie Lapalu, Julie Martin, Camille Paulhan, Camille Planeix, Jaques Rivet, Mathieu Tremblin.

Thomas Geiger
I want to become a millionaire

Since 2010, Thomas Geiger places himself in public space with a sign saying I want to become a millionaire and sells signed and numbered sheets for one euro a piece. With the incomes Geiger supports his independent projects such as Kunsthalle3000 :)

Ann Gauillaume
Poker Face

Ann Guillaume shot her film Poker Face in real time, documenting the day of 19 January 2019. Guillaume only filmed the reactions of the audience, their expressions and finally asked them to make their personal Poker Face as long as possible for the camera.

Rémi Groussin

Teaser sho-oter is a ready-made, a part of neon light sign torn from the city. It replaces both, the old casino buried in our memories and announces the new, upcoming Casino3000. The sign was placed on the gravel next to rubbish generating a luminous signal that died at the nightfall.