CAC Brétigny

In February 2022, Kunsthalle3000 was invited by CAC Brétigny as part of The Real Show. As a contribution to this, Kunsthalle3000 has gone in search of its employees - and made the economic infrastructure of institutions visible.
Three office chairs were placed in the public space: that of a director, a curator and an assistant of Kunsthalle3000. For several hours, I invited passers-by to take on one of these jobs for at least an hour. They had to sign a contract and got payed in cash hourly. Their wage corresponds to their counterparts at CAC Brétigny / The Real Show: Céline Poulin, director of CAC Brétigny Ariane Guyon assistant to CAC Brétigny, and Agnès Violeau who conceived and curated The Real Show as an independent curator with Céline Poulin. Their task was to do nothing. The director, curator and assistant of Kunsthalle3000 have only a representative function. On the one hand this performance offers an economic form of doing nothing. On the other hand it uses the public space to make public an area that is normally kept discreet: payment in the cultural sector.